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Get ready, get set, drop trou!

The crowd around the start line cheers as the first wave of runners take off. Police rope off traffic and amazing volunteers offer cups of water at three stations throughout the race. Everyone is seriously cooperating to help college students run around town in their underwear! Along the way, there's only an excitable crowd and the underwear choices of other runners to distract from victory.

The finish line is another story. Cheerleaders wait to herald your arrival to the main festivities! Oshitari has set up different food stands and games for everyone's pleasure. Nearly 100% of the proceeds go toward patient rehabilitation, so please, don't hold back!
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When: Thursday, March 3
Time: 7PM to whenever your muses feel like going home
Where: Sakura Dorms Common Room

Even before you enter the Sakura Dorms common room, the first thing you hear are people shouting "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TANAKAAAAAAA!" It was as if everyone was trying to say who could say his name the longest and loudest.

Hello and welcome to Tanaka Ryuunosuke's birthday party! Several residents of the Sakura dorms decided to get together and throw a surprise birthday party for their beloved Mohawk Dragon. Miki was able to use the decently sized common rooms of the Sakura dorms for this event. There are several tables pushed together to make a large snack bar, a large flat screen TV, and various kinds of music playing in the background. (You might hear Love Live's Kira Kira Sensation playing in the background) In the middle of the room, is a chair with a red cloth draped over it for the birthday boy.

Even if you don't live at the Sakura dorms, your muses can still stop by and party. In the post there will be several games for muses to play and areas for interaction.

Enjoy and party like a rockstar!!!
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When: Saturday, February 13th. 10pm-2am

The DMDU library lights shine dimly with a spookiness that doesn't quite match the holiday. Fortunately, each pair card is placed neatly atop a flashlight and a mission pamphlet. Some of the pairs were planned while others were matched by Oshitari, the MC and organizer of the event.

The matched singles received notification of their partner, but only two hours prior to the actual evening event.

You know who you are

Single matches:
Hitouji Yuuji-Oshitari Yuushi
Kominato Haruichi-Kise Ryouta
Niou Masaharu-Atobe Keigo
Tezuka Kunimitsu-Yukimura Seiichi

Once you rendezvous with your partner, proceed to the course. It doesn't matter which order you go in, as long as you have visit each of the ten set ups and retrieve a stamp. Use the map to navigate the large medical library from challenge table to challenge table. The first to finish will receive a glorious prize.

By the way, watch out for traps. There are trip wires everywhere, not to trip, but to trigger tiny heart glitter balls, and if you dare peek at one of the fake challenge tables (they are labeled on the map as challenges), you may find yourself locked in.

When you have completed the course to your satisfaction, you may retreat to one of the study rooms where bedding and snacks are set up for everyone to get comfortable for the night.

(ooc: Quick notes:

1. no need to play out EVERY set up. But it is to your benefit to play as many as possible

2. many of the challenges will use dice to determine a wheel spin or pulling something out of a bag)

3. if you have any questions, or you don't understand something, please message me or comment for clarification)
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I'm so so sorry I didn't get this up until now I've been so so sick orz;;;; FORGIVE ME FRIENDS

This takes place the same day as Atobe's fashion show. During the afterparty, there will be a game for exchanging gifts.

Person A will start things off by describing the person they bought the gift for (Person B for the sake of simplicity). The first person to guess that the recipient is Person B will then do the describing next. (And A will give the gift to B.) (Also, crediting Saaya for the idea of the game♥)

Of course, you COULD forgo this entirely but....

There will also be a couple threads for mingling and such.

Have fun!
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 A last minute get together, but hey, if you're free why not drop by and meet the new people! The room's not huge, but what better way to bond than by squeezing in with friends (or new friends!). It's nothing big, but that's why they call small things "fun size"! 

(ooc: Nagisa being Nagisa just up and openly invited people for karaoke and it wasn't till afterwards that I realized it'd have to be an open log >> So I apologize if there aren't much details or anything...but I hope it's still gives you guys a chance to interact! Thing of it as a...light and casual event? XD This is set on Wednesday late afternoon-evening but I'm posting it earlier for the peeps who are busy on that day. )
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Saturday has finally arrived and the winners(+one) of the G-box Costume contest are going on their over night trip to Kurobe.

Details to know:

Winners will be taking the same bus to the hotel.

Dinner and breakfast will be served in each room

There is a common room in anyone wishes to mingle

Baths are divided by gender and close at midnight.

Rooms will look like this

Happy over night trip to all!
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Welcome to the wonderful fall weekend go-kon dating event! Though typically karaoke is a rather intimate affair, Oshitari rented out a larger room to accommodate the crowd. There’s an open bar area with snacks and soft drinks; a few high tops surround it, dotting the way toward some of the comfier couches that frame the small stage. Around the stage the room is dimly lit, illuminated mostly by a few low lamps and flittering disco lights. The snacks, however, are perfectly illuminated.

Whether or not you put yourself on Oshitari's list, you can show up. Either you're someones plus one or you PM'd Oshitari last minute.

(ooc: (1) While there will be NPC characters there, keep in mind that they're all friends of friends. As such, they're all perfectly nice people who would not take advantage of anyone. Use them as you see fit.
(2) While I know there are large drinks being offered for free, please do not get your character dangerously drunk. Intoxicated and a little sloppy is fine, but please no hospitalization/extreme illness. Keep it fun!)
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When: Saturday, October 31st
Time: 9pm-3am
Where: G-Box Night Club

Details to remember: 
G-box is divided into two floors and a basement. First floor is a lounge where you will find tables and booths to sit and have a drink( Please refer to the picture below) and then you have the first floor which will mainly have pop music and the basement which is electronic music ( just for Halloween there will be a special Halloween inspired set-list !) 

The G-box will also be hosting  a Costume contest! Remember, the winners will all receive an overnight stay at the Enraku Ryokan in Kurobe.  Catch is it's for the same weekend so all of the winners must go on the same weekend! (We will leave it for the third Saturday of November) 

To make this open log flow better we will be dividing this post with the three areas. So everyone doesn't get lost! 

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When: Friday 16th of October
Time: from 7pm to whatever time your muses drag their bodies home.

 To celebrate the end of terms exams, Kise organized a Bonfire on the beach!  There will be fire works ,BBQ and drinks ( Everyone brings what they want to barbecue and drink (Alcoholic  or non-alcoholic) A reminder that if your character is 19 they shouldn't drink. But no ones says they can't.

Some of you maybe be asking why post it now!? Not everyone is on Friday night and so starting it now gives people time to play, comment and then if they'd like post about it on Saturday. 

Please feel free to post whatever your character(s) is(are) doing and reply to others too if you can!

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